The Chronicles of Allandria

Elven Diplomacy

September 7-9

The battle raged furiously back and forth across the stream and through the trees. The elves and many of the party were wounded (Damien even collapsed from his injuries!) but between the staunch defense provided by the dwarves and the bolstering powers of Darsin and Prince Donovan, the heroes claimed victory over the beasts. (Reward: 400 XP.)

The sentinels, curt but grateful for the heroes’ saving their lives, led the party into the wondrous elven city of Varancyn. The group took a bit of time to gather information around the town before presenting themselves to the Council of Greenwood under the Eladrin King Ellemyr.

To the Allandrians’ great fortune, the audience went over strikingly well. The ranger Ambassadora Mariana Ellebran volunteered herself to go to Allandria, and despite the protestations of her fiancĂ© Jhakul Elletai, King Ellemyr granted her the honor, fulfilling the party’s mission. As a gesture of Greenwood’s benevolence and good faith, he also bestowed upon the party a number of treasures and supplies for their use. (Reward: 1000 XP, art objects worth a total of 450 GP, two potions of healing, Battleforged Plate +1, a Cincture of the Dragon Spirit, and a Duelist’s Short Sword +1.)

Now the party, grown to six members, journeys back to Hallowdwell. Prince Donovan seems quite taken with Mariana… will any other complications mark their return trip?


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