The Chronicles of Allandria

Into the Woods

September 7

The party reached the “inner border” of Greenwood—while the elves claim the whole breadth of the forest, the river that bisects it divides their most settled dominions from the wilderness.

Just shy of the river, a number of wilderness beasts set upon them, thinking them easy prey. They thought wrong. In the end, only a Spiretop Drake and a Spitting Drake escaped with their lives; the other Drakes and a pair of Stormclaw Scorpions lay dead on the path. Prince Donovan was pleased to have proven his fighting powers by landing finishing blows on two of them himself! (Reward: 560 XP and 170 GP worth of drake skin.)

They reached the river, only to find the bridge across it disassembled. They made their way across the canyon by spell and mettle, though not before a storm broke above them, soaking them to the bone. (Reward: 500 XP.)

A pair of elven archers, suspicious of the party’s intentions, greeted them. But before the party could assuage the elves’ concerns, more beasts of the woods sprung an attack! Deathjump Spiders pounced the elves to the ground, and Fire Beetles belched forth their fiery spittle, lighting nearby trees aflame.

Surely the heroes will prevail… but will they be able to save the elves, or will their first diplomatic act in Greenwood be to deliver two bodies slain of poison and flame?


SabreCat SabreCat

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