The Chronicles of Allandria

The Costs of Victory

Having slain one of the Doom Sisters, Pieter turned to the greatsword the woman dropped. Laying it out on the dais where she and Lord Tyrol had stood in the audience chamber, he struck it with his holy maul, and the sword shattered into tiny fragments. Strangely, though, the hammer seemed to take up the dispersed enchantment, and so Grief’s Sorrow Blade became the Hammer of Sorrow.

Emerging from Tyrol Keep, the adventurers saw the results of the bitter struggle that had taken place during their infiltration: the undead driven away, but many lives lost on the Allandrian side. Walking among the dead saying rites of mourning was Eeirbhiseach (“Ebie”), a cleric of Erathis and the lone survivor of a defeated adventuring party that had participated in the battle. After introductions that made clear Damien and the others had been instrumental in the victory over the Deathwind at the Manor, Ebie joined the group on their march to Ceremoor.

With just a brief stop to gear up with additional magical protections, the group reached the battle lines as quickly as could be managed. There they found the mercenary Dark Legion pushed far back from striking distance of the great guard towers, dug in to a campsite in the northern reaches of the blight territory, beset by skeletal soldiers, archers, and their bony steeds. With scarcely a moment for “reconnoitering” as Ebie tried to suggest, the party rushed to the attack. Though Pieter was briefly struck down, the battle overall went in the heroes’ favor, thanks in part to powers newly evidenced by the Nightshade Staff. One of the skeletal steeds knelt down in obeisance to the bearer of the artifact, and Damien nearly claimed it as his own mount before his zealously anti-undead companions destroyed the voluntarily helpless beast.

Next, the party turns to see just how bad the Dark Legion’s situation might be, and how they feel to have been tasked with such a brutal campaign…


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