The Chronicles of Allandria

We Have a Plan

Though the doppelganger used all his speed, stealth, and craft, the heroes caught, cornered, and interrogated him. He claimed his motives in colluding with the Deathwind were to “cleanse” Allandria of its current population, after which the plague would recede and leave people like him (doppelgangers specifically, or monstrous humanoids in general, it was not clear) to settle the land which he believed to be theirs by right. He also revealed that he acted under orders of a group of captains or generals known as the Doom Sisters, called in turn “Grief,” “Agony,” and “Fear.” Each of them leads and maintains a force in northern Arktfar, one in Tyrol Manor, one at the Towers of Ceremoor, and one at Dorwich.

With this information in hand, the party left the doppelganger to the tender mercies of the castle guard, and set to gathering a war council to decide Allandria’s next move in the battle against the undead hordes. Bohm the Acolyte, Julius “Crusher” Bonchev, Ambassadora Mariana Ellebran, Sir Mattheus Ironstone, and Prince Donovan Xavier were all in attendance. Animated discussion followed; each member of the war council saw different priorities in the three Arktfarian territories.

In the end, Damien attempted to cut the knot of discussion with a clever plan. First, send Julius with his Dark Legion to lay siege at Ceremoor, drawing the Deathwind’s attention to the northernmost front. Then, Damien and the others would use the Deathwind Labyrinth as a shortcut to Dorwich and liberate the captives there, with the priests of Pelor waiting to rush them to safety at Hallowdwell. They would avoid open battle with the Deathwind forces, however, and instead regroup to lead a surprise assault on Tyrol Manor, the true target of the operation. This would, hopefully, open up the border of Greenwood, allowing (or persuading) the elves to send a contingent to join the fight.

It remains to be seen how much of this can be carried off, but the heroes now begin their first phase of the operation, taking the thief Deftblade with them. The Labyrinth has begun to evince its necromantic nature, however, with the very walls birthing shades to drag them into the darkness…


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