Sir Mattheus Ironstone

Hardworking captain of Hallowdwell's Royal Guard


Mattheus hails from Northrock, and was a warrior of the Ironstone clan. Some years ago, his warband was set upon by a superior force of brigands, and the situation looked bleak for their company. But before Mattheus himself fell, a hunting party under King Xavier heard the sounds of battle and rode to the Ironstones’ aid. With the addition of the Allandrian fighters, the brigands were defeated, and the humans remained to help the Ironstones bury their dead and tend their wounds.

Mattheus swore a life-debt to the Xaviers that day, and moved to Hallowdwell to serve in the king’s forces. He served faithfully for many years. His service proved exemplary enough that Xavier formally released him of his debt, but by then Ironstone had grown fond of Allandria and its people, and asked to stay on indefinitely. He and his fellow knights of Erathis are now a fixture of the castle.

Sir Mattheus Ironstone

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