The Chronicles of Allandria

Complications of a Quest Fulfilled
September 10-14

On their way back from Varancyn, the heroes were accosted by Saraiha, barring their way with a pair of Green Dragon Wyrmlings. She ranted, accused Damien of being a thief, said she had been meant to be the protege of Athenais, and demanded the Nightshade Staff. The heroes stood firm, however, and between Damien’s displays of magical power and Maghnus’s unveiled threats, she, “Kitten,” and “Balor” retreated into the woods.

Not long after that, the group came across Pieter, an Avenger from a monastery of Erathis. His single-minded devotion to the task of “pushing back the darkness” endeared him to Maghnus and Darsin, though his insistence that there was no right side in the war between Allandria and Arktfar soured Prince Donovan Xavier to him. The party folded him into their ranks as they made the trip back to Hallowdwell.

There, Donovan and The Ambassadora Mariana Ellebran were welcomed into the city amid great fanfare, and the prince promised a great celebration in her and the heroes’ honor. It seemed, however, that while the party was away, the castle walls had come under direct attack by undead forces—a stealthy, hit-and-fade strike that seemed too swift and coordinated for a truly mindless horde. The group went their separate ways for a short time, reporting in to Sir Mattheus Ironstone, spending time with Julius “Crusher” Bonchev, etc.

The next morning, Donovan’s promise came true, as each of them had an invitation to attend a banquet in the castle’s great hall that evening. In the meantime, Damien finally managed to achieve a breakthrough with the Nightshade Flute, unlocking a far deeper potential for combating the Deathwind plague.

The banquet was a rousing affair, with almost all of the party’s Hallowdwell friends in attendance. The prince toasted the Elven ambassadora and the party, and called for a dance! The ball was disrupted by the antics of Deftblade, and the prince and the ambassadora stepped outside… only to meet with disaster. Thankfully, Damien was there to raise the alarm when a doppelganger assassin or kidnapper attempted to drag the Prince away by posing as Mariana and drugging him with a sleep draught! The heroes arrived on the scene in a brutal night melee with the doppelganger, several bandit accomplices, and a wizard shouting necromantic curses and praise of the Deathwind.

What vile subterfuge is this? The kidnapper escaped into the night, but when we meet our heroes again, they will give chase!

Elven Diplomacy
September 7-9

The battle raged furiously back and forth across the stream and through the trees. The elves and many of the party were wounded (Damien even collapsed from his injuries!) but between the staunch defense provided by the dwarves and the bolstering powers of Darsin and Prince Donovan, the heroes claimed victory over the beasts. (Reward: 400 XP.)

The sentinels, curt but grateful for the heroes’ saving their lives, led the party into the wondrous elven city of Varancyn. The group took a bit of time to gather information around the town before presenting themselves to the Council of Greenwood under the Eladrin King Ellemyr.

To the Allandrians’ great fortune, the audience went over strikingly well. The ranger Ambassadora Mariana Ellebran volunteered herself to go to Allandria, and despite the protestations of her fiancĂ© Jhakul Elletai, King Ellemyr granted her the honor, fulfilling the party’s mission. As a gesture of Greenwood’s benevolence and good faith, he also bestowed upon the party a number of treasures and supplies for their use. (Reward: 1000 XP, art objects worth a total of 450 GP, two potions of healing, Battleforged Plate +1, a Cincture of the Dragon Spirit, and a Duelist’s Short Sword +1.)

Now the party, grown to six members, journeys back to Hallowdwell. Prince Donovan seems quite taken with Mariana… will any other complications mark their return trip?

Into the Woods
September 7

The party reached the “inner border” of Greenwood—while the elves claim the whole breadth of the forest, the river that bisects it divides their most settled dominions from the wilderness.

Just shy of the river, a number of wilderness beasts set upon them, thinking them easy prey. They thought wrong. In the end, only a Spiretop Drake and a Spitting Drake escaped with their lives; the other Drakes and a pair of Stormclaw Scorpions lay dead on the path. Prince Donovan was pleased to have proven his fighting powers by landing finishing blows on two of them himself! (Reward: 560 XP and 170 GP worth of drake skin.)

They reached the river, only to find the bridge across it disassembled. They made their way across the canyon by spell and mettle, though not before a storm broke above them, soaking them to the bone. (Reward: 500 XP.)

A pair of elven archers, suspicious of the party’s intentions, greeted them. But before the party could assuage the elves’ concerns, more beasts of the woods sprung an attack! Deathjump Spiders pounced the elves to the ground, and Fire Beetles belched forth their fiery spittle, lighting nearby trees aflame.

Surely the heroes will prevail… but will they be able to save the elves, or will their first diplomatic act in Greenwood be to deliver two bodies slain of poison and flame?

The Story So Far
August 15 to September 6

Our four heroes arrived at the castle Hallowdwell to find it a bustle of activity, mercenaries and adventurers and frightened refugees mingling in a teeming mass. Their one thing in common: lives set in a new direction by the Deathwind.

They met “Deftblade,” formerly Eric, a representative of the local thieves’ guild, and Sir Mattheus Ironstone, dwarven Paladin of Erathis and captain of the Royal Guard. The latter wasted no time in setting them upon some quests in service to Allandria.

Their first mission took them to the town of Black Hearth, on the border of Arktfar, which had until recently been under the miasma of the deadly plague. There they discovered a gnome magician named Pharod and his accomplice, the halfling rogue Adahna. These miscreants had gotten ahold of an artifact known variously as the Nightshade Staff, and were using it to make the town habitable for a garrison of goblins. The heroes drove them off and claimed the Staff for their own.

Investigating the Staff and rumors of undead activity led the group to Knollcrest, a town on the manor of the lordly family House Athein. The Lord and Lady of that estate told of a necromantic labyrinth their ill-fated adventuring family had encountered in decades past, a thing of the Shadowfell whose tunnels sometimes break through like foul roots into the lands of the living. Investigating the Athein family crypt revealed a black portal into this labyrinth, which the party then explored down to the first rooms of its third floor, encountering a variety of monsters nesting in its passages.

Returning to Hallowdwell, the party continued making preparations for the next of Sir Ironstone’s quests: a diplomatic mission to enlist the aid of the elves of Greenwood in the battle against Deathwind. The crown prince himself, Donovan Xavier, would accompany them as Allandria’s ambassador. Meanwhile, various members of the party interacted with potential future allies Bohm the halfling Acolyte, Julius Bonchev the shifter mercenary, and Elhazra the ill-tempered tiefling.

When things left off, the party had entered the forested kingdom of Greenwood, soon to encounter the native denizens of that land…


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