Battleforged Plate

Battleforged Plate Armor +1

Worn by Darsin Shieldbearer


The plates of this heavy armor are extra thick, sized and fitted for a Dwarven frame. The breastplate bears etchings, front and back, in a stone-and-vines motif. When the wearer steels himself to dive back into a heated fray, green Feywild energy glows through the etched vines, granting a rush of vitality and courage.


This is a curious piece, an obvious gesture of friendship between two races – Elves and Dwarves – who seldom have much to do with each other. The council at Varancyn presented it to Darsin with little fanfare or explanation. It may be it was created by some black-sheep artificer with a fondness for Dwarves, and the nobles of Greenwood were all too happy to send it away from their sight.

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Battleforged Plate

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