Player Characters

Damien Baudet – A human wizard searching for his lost mentor.

Darsin Shieldbearer – A dwarven paladin, a touch more pessimistic than most.

Honey Hearthmead (retired)

Maghnus Gofraidh


Non Player Characters

Bohm the Acolyte – Halfling, a cleric of Pelor

Eric aka “Deftblade” – A thief with the Society of Twilight Wanderers, and former childhood companion of Damien

Prince Donovan Xavier – Human warlord and heir to Allandria’s throne

The Doom Sisters, Grief, Agony, and Fear – Ranking officers of the Deathwind army. Each bears a signature weapon and a signature set of magical skills.

Elhazra – An ill-tempered tiefling woman

Julius “Crusher” Bonchev – Shifter warrior and captain of the Dark Legion

Ambassadora Mariana Ellebran – Elven ranger who volunteered to be Greenwood’s ambassador to Allandria

Sir Mattheus Ironstone – Dwarf paladin of Erathis and member of the Royal Guard of Allandria

Saraiha – Elven girl who has followed Damien for some time now. By all appearances insane

Stiletto the Rogue – Doppelganger agent of the Deathwind, captured at Hallowdwell


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