Cincture of the Dragon Spirit

Worn by Maghnus Gofraidh


This belt is crafted of thick, ruddy-brown leather with a pattern of red scales. A dragon’s head wrought in bronze, fanged and roaring, adorns the buckle. When a strong warrior wears it, his eyes take on a gleam like draconic fire and his voice booms with a deeper resonance, striking greater fear into enemies and subordinates.


Enchanters of Greenwood crafted several of these belts when warriors of the kingdom felled a young red dragon in the northern reaches of the forest. Most of the dragon’s scales and hide were put to use fashioning armor, but items of this size and potency made good use of the scraps from that work. King Ellemyr is known to own one, as do several other martially-inclined members of the Council.

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Cincture of the Dragon Spirit

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