Faction Representatives Successes Failures Bluff Diplomacy Intimidate
Clerics of Pelor Bohm 1 1 ? ? ?
Dark Legion Julius Bonchev 0 0 ? ? ?
House Athein The Lord and Lady Athein 2 0 ? ? ?
Kingdom of Greenwood Ambassadora Mariana Ellebran 2 0 ? ? ?
Order of the Nightshade Elhazra 0 0 ? ? ?
Royal Guard, Paladins of Erathis Sir Mattheus Ironstone 4 0 ? ? ?
Society of Twilight Wanderers Deftblade 4 0 ? ? ?
Xavier Royal Family Prince Donovan Xavier 1 1 ? ? ?

Faction Benefits Gained

  • The party may freely enter and leave the Deathwind Labyrinth via the House Athein estate.
  • Ambassadora Mariana Ellebran (Striker) can be recruited into the party as a companion character.
  • Sir Mattheus Ironstone (Defender) can be recruited into the party as a companion character.
    • The Paladins of Erathis provide a 10% discount on arms and armor.
  • Deftblade (Striker) can be recruited into the party as a companion character.
    • Deftblade can be dispatched to fulfill “retrieval” or “delivery” quests alone.


Most faction challenges require 10 successes before 3 failures to complete. Failing at a faction challenge causes an extraordinary complication in the relationship between the PCs and the faction. They might grow standoffish or hostile, or an external force might intervene, disrupting access to the group. The PCs can undertake quests to restore the status of a failed faction.

Benefits typically accrue according to the following scheme:

  • 2 successes: A representative of the group can join the party as a companion character.
  • 4 successes: Gain a minor benefit specific to that faction.
  • 6 successes: The faction representative can join the party as a full-fledged PC.
  • 8 successes: Upgrade the benefit gained at 4 successes, or gain an additional, major benefit.
  • 10 successes: You can no longer fail the faction challenge. The PCs are considered trusted members of the faction and can make decisions on the faction’s behalf. Faction forces will join the party in the final battle.


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