Once More Into the Breach (minor, repeatable – completed 1x)

Scout the areas near the border of Arktfar, trying to find how and where the undead are sneaking into Allandria.


A Mere Herb (minor)

Deliver a measure of deadly nightshade into the hands of Elhazra. She has suggested that Bohm the Acolyte may have some in his stores.

The Missing Daughter (minor)

A daughter of the Athein family may have been in Arktfar when the Deathwind blew in.

The Towers of Ceremoor (major)

Assault the old fortifications in northern Arktfar and drive out the undead infestation there, creating a staging ground for further sorties into the plague lands.


Damien – An Old Friend (minor)

Convince Deftblade to leave the Twilight Wanderers and become Eric again.

Damien – Me and my Shadow (minor)

Find out why the mysterious elf girl is following him.

Damien – All the Empty Places You Must Walk (major)

Find his missing mentor, Athenais.

Darsin – Shelter from the Storm (minor)

Find a way to aid the plight of the refugees.

Maghnus – To Live and Die With Honor (minor)

Find a teacher who will instruct him in the ways of the honorable warrior.

Maghnus – No Place Like Home (major)

Prove himself worthy of fighting alongside his brethren back home.

Ongoing Skill Challenges

Challenge Successes Failures
Unlock greater power from the Nightshade Staff Complete 1x
Turn the refugees into a viable militia 1/6 0


Black Hearth

Drove off a band of goblins lead by a halfling thief and a gnome arcanist. Recovered the Nightshade Flute, which repelled the plague from the town. Without the staff’s abjurative powers, the Miasma has likely returned to engulf the village.

The Elven Ambassador

The party’s persuasive powers won over the isolationist King of Greenwood, and the ranger Ambassadora Mariana Ellebran joined the group as ambassador to Allandria. Her fiancĂ© Jhakul Elletai does not seem to be happy about this. He would likely be even less so if he were quite aware of how Prince Donovan Xavier has become smitten with the Elven woman.

Liberating Dorwich

In a daring hit-and-run operation, the heroes went into the occupied town of Dorwich, fought off the wererat guards, and escaped just as an enraged Doom Sister descended upon the scene.

The Traitor Tyrol (partial success)

With the Deathwind forces distracted at Dorwich and Ceremoor, the party infiltrated Tyrol Manor, enlisting the help of the lord’s warforged to rescue their master and his family from the clutches of Grief, another of the Doom Sisters. Tyrol fled before he could be captured or interrogated, however.


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